Student data visualisation challenge

Data visualisation challenges gives an opportunity for university students to learn geospatial data visualization techniques in practice, when they take part as a group into a competition, where teams create real-world data visualization solutions based on TURP community needs and established cases.

Student Data Visualisation Challenge 2019

The data visualisation challenge 2019 focused on the Resilient Cities in Tanzania as the main topic. However, three (3) challenges identifies for this visualisation namly 1. Solid waste collection plan for Tanzanian cities, 2. Story of past floods for better situation analysis and 3. Communicate risks and hazards to local communities via visualisations. More than 4 Universities participated (UDSM, ARU, SUZA, SUA and MNMA) with more than 200 students participated. 2019 Visualisation was announced here.

Student Data Visualisation Challenge 2020

The data visualisation challenge 2020 will be focusing on the resilience of the city especially urban issues with the paspective of Drainage system, urban planning/land use as well as Urban green and open spaces.