Research and innovation

Resilient cities can be achieved through research and collaboration that support to enhance the innovative research that are based on the resilience topics.

The network of actors around Tanzania Urban Resilience Program constantly identify new data gaps and novel research topics, which can enrich the state-of the-art in disaster risk management with digital geospatial technologies and tools.

Resilience Academy promotes research around many topics, such as urban spatial planning, community mapping, flood monitoring and risk assessment, land and forest changes, urban climate, data quality and management, Spatial Data Infrastructures, Earth observation and geospatial technologies.

Our Research

Our research community have research on Open data for resilience, flood resilience in changing climate, earth observation for resilience, community mapping for improved spatial planning. Several Batchelor and Master’s theses have been completed related to the topics of urban resilience

List of Publications

Here you can find the list of publincations that have been conducted from Resilience Academy topics

Mapping flood risk perceptions and support for climate adaptation in Dar es Salaam

Researcher: Ryan Thomas | City and Regional Planning | 9/29/19

University: Cornell University | Ithaca, New York

The goal of this research was to understand the drivers of climate change adaptation by examining the politics of knowledge production about climate risk and framing of possible adaptation actions among communities, governments, and international organizations in Dar-es-Salaam.

Community Participation In Managing Road Infrastructures In Upgraded Informal Settlement As Case Study Of Mtoni Kijichi Temeke

Researcher: Kito Nicholus, 2018

University: Ardhi University

The research aimed at revealing the effect before establishment of D.M.D.P project in Dar es salaam where most of settlements experienced challenges like floods and road infrastructure. It was don in Mtoni kijichi ward where community movement was very difficult during the rainfall season because most of the road infrastructure was poor especially drainage system.

Assessing community participation in reducing flood risk , a case of environmental conversation in Mbuni Ward, Kilosa District.

Researcher: Balthazar Masese, 2018.

University: Ardhi University 

The purpose of this research was to explore how the community members have participated in the measures for reducing flood.

Towards provision of inclusive communities in Urban areas, a case of neighborhoods designed by private firms in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Researcher: Mdachi Faith Joshua, 2019

University: Ardhi University

The broad objective of this research was to investigate how the private firms involve the vulnerable groups and their requirements in provision of community facilities.

“I was really happy with the support i got from Resilience Academy. Also with the students i worked with and their good quality of work and their responsiveness to training and data collection. Due to this good support and valuable skills, I was able to conduct a success data collectioon for my research in only few days.”

—Ryan Thomas

Research and Innovation

If you are researcher working on similar topics, please contact us for cooperation. If you are a student from partner universities, follow our web pages for interesting thesis topics and announcements.

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Research Pilot Survey – Dar es Salaam

Research Pilot Survey – Dar es Salaam

A key part of resilience is understanding how individuals, households, and communities will respond to a changing climate. In the Msimbazi Valley of Dar es Salaam, many people have become accustomed to flooding and take steps to reduce the disruption that floods cause...

A Handbook for Community Urban Risk Mapping

A Handbook for Community Urban Risk Mapping

The activities undertaken by Ramani Huria over the last four years stood as a model for a Handbook for Community Urban Risk Mapping. By helping communities to map residential areas, roads, streams, floodplains, and other relevant features, projects like Dar Ramani...