The Resilience Academy Internship Program exposes hundreds of students annually to industrial training. Under the guidance of the engagement managers, students learn conceptual and practical data collection and management skills combined with workplace skills on community engagement and mapping.

Each year we conduct University student internship programs for eight weeks where students aquire theoretical skills then participate in practial activities that aims to increase their practical and digital skills. Experts from our partner Universities are motivated to coordinate interns program each year in order to help youth develop their necesary skills


Interns Program Activities

The interns engage 50 students from each university partner (UDSM, ARU, SUZA, and SUA) and a few additional students from other Tanzanian universities to make the total of 200+ students.

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The interns activities are conducted for a total of 8 weeks: One week is spent on training university students in various skills, Five weeks are spent on practical skills where students participate into field activities for community mapping and community share-backs, one week is spent on further training about data protocols, data quality, data management and data sharing and last week is spent on final data editing and data sharing where the students share data to the Climate Risk Database

Interns program skills

The skills developed under the Internship program depends on the theme being focused involve mapping of different features for urban development.

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The skills therefore focus on preparation for community engagement, the use of QGIS, map production, data quality assurance, drone flying and drone calibrations, 3D printing, Drone image acquisition, the use of OpenStreetMap and other opensource tools like ODK collect.

Organisation Engagements

For the Internship Program, we have worked together with OpenMap Development TanzaniaHumanitarian OpenStreetMap Team for Dar es Salaam  and Spatial Collective in Zanzibar.

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Youth Attended

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“The most interesting part of the Industrial Training program with Resilience Academy is that we did a lot of practical activities. We were able to experience really ground work. For myself, it was very interesting doing data collection while involving the local community member who has more ground knowledge than us.”

Girimo Abubakari J

Urban and Regional Planning University Student, Ardhi University

“It was a great opportunity to learn and gain experience on different issues including the interaction with other people and also increased the sense of confidentiality on both my intellectual and my social affairs. Also learning courses that relates with my bachelor studies, was something I like a lot.

Catherine Christopher

Computer science with information technology Students, The State University of Zanzibar

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“Join other youth to aquire practical skills to UAV technology and satellite and drone image data processing and machine learning methods for automated data collection among other skills.”

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