The Resilience Academy Internship Program exposes hundreds of students annually to industrial training. Under the guidance of the engagement managers, students learn conceptual and practical data collection and management skills combined with workplace skills on community engagement and mapping.

Each year we conduct University student internship programs for eight weeks where students aquire theoretical skills then participate in practial activities that aims to increase their practical and digital skills. Experts from our partner Universities are motivated to coordinate interns program each year in order to help youth develop their necesary skills


The interns engage 50 students from each university partner (UDSM, ARU, SUZA, and SUA) and a few additional students from other Tanzanian universities to make the total of 200+ students.


The skills developed under the Internship program depends on the theme being focused involve mapping of different features for urban development.


For the Internship Program, we have worked together with OpenMap Development Tanzania, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team for Dar es Salaam and Spatial Collective in Zanzibar.

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Use cases and resilience impacts in the society

Year 2018
TAHMO stations
High-precision GPS surveying
In 2018, a student project was set up in Tanzania, as part of a longer collaboration between Delft, ...
Students engaged: 100
Case Location:
Organisations: OpenMap Development Tanzania, Deltares
Year 2020
Micro-tasking for validation of the Worl...
During the COVID-19 outbreak 120 Resilience Academy students worked online for four weeks to collect...
Students engaged: 120
Case Location: Dar es Salaam
Organisations: Mind Earth
Year 2020
Visualisation challenge
Data Visualization Challenge
Resilience Academy organizes Data Visualization Challenges for the university students, who respond ...
Students engaged: 250
Case Location: Dar es Salaam
Organisations: Gispo
Year 2018
Soil point collection
Soil mapping
Student teams gathered 643 soil samples across Dar es Salaam in October 2018 in order for JBA Consul...
Students engaged: 150
Case Location: Dar es Salaam
Organisations: JBA, OpenMap Development Tanzania