Mapping the evolution of Unguja’s road infrastructure

Unguja is one of the major islands in the archipelago of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is an island state that is part of the United Republic of Tanzania and has its own autonomous system of land administration. Starting in 2003, the Finnish Government provided financial support to the government of Zanzibar for the implementation of the Sustainable […]

Roads of Mtwara (Tanzania): The importance of background data

Where we have access to. And with what. Can we go there? Can we take the bicycle or the car? And who else is using this road? And why is this important? The Mtwara highway Dataset covers the urban areas of Mtwara, this corresponds to an area of 18,3 km2. This Dataset was generated during […]

Background data of City2Seas Mtwara

Mtwara Buildings data consists of digitalized buildings in the city of Mtwara in south-east Tanzania. The city is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean near the border of Mosambik. The study area consists of only part of the Mtwara city, eight wards out of eighteen. This data was collected in part of a […]

Road map in change in Dar es Salaam’s rapid urban development

Dar es Salaam Roads 2022 -dataset has been produced as a part of the World Bank’s project for urban development in Tanzania. This 2022 dataset is an update to an older version of 2019 and includes estimated average road reserve width for different road classes in the city of Dar es Salaam. Estimated widths of […]

Future prospects of waste collection points in Mtwara

This dataset was produced under the project City2Sea for litter management control and to protect the rich marine environment in Tanzania. Mtwara has plenty of natural resources. There are for example large mangrove system areas, that are important in climate change mitigation.  Litter means solid waste that ends up in the environment. It is found […]

Litter data from Mtwara, Tanzania to prevent ocean pollution

In the City2Sea project Coastal City Strategies for Prevention of Generation and Transport of Plastic Litter to Oceans funded by the World Bank, extensive mapping of litter was executed in coastal city of Mtwara, Tanzania. The data collection was organized by Open Map Development Tanzania in cooperation with the Resilience Academy. The project included data […]

Resilience academy Data Visualisation Challenge 2020

Visualisation challenge

Every year, Resilience Academy is preparing a data visualization challenge to University students in order to give an opportunity to young university students from four Tanzanian universities (4) to learn geospatial data visualization tools and techniques and in practice while delivering visualization of selected, real-world visualization cases. So it is a geospatial data visualization competition […]