Resilience academy Data Visualisation Challenge 2020

Date: November 28, 2020
Group photos for participants in a data visualisation challenge 

Every year, Resilience Academy is preparing a data visualization challenge to University students in order to give an opportunity to young university students from four Tanzanian universities (4) to learn geospatial data visualization tools and techniques and in practice while delivering visualization of selected, real-world visualization cases. So it is a geospatial data visualization competition for university students. During the challenge, students work in teams to create visualizations for geospatial data related to different topics under the umbrella of urban resilience.

In 2020 as in last year more than 200 students applied to participate in the challenge from the University of Dar es Salaam, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Adhi University, and The state university of Zanzibar.

The challenges for this year’s visualization is based on the pilot project for tree mapping and drainage mapping which was conducted under the Tanzania Urban Resilience Program through Ramani Huria. So the students developed concepts and visualized the following challenges:

  • Visualization of urban tree distributions and their importance for urban forestry management.
  • Visualizing drainage bottleneck locations
  • Integration of different types of data to identify challenges through urban planning.

Yesterdays (27th November 2020), 8 groups of students presented their final pitching to the audience where three groups won prizes: Conservation group from USA (first place), Galaxy group from SUZA (Second place), and Ripper group from SUA (Third place). You can watch all the pitching for yesterdays event through our youtube channel 

Resilience Academy has been developing skills in students (future experts) through an industrial training program, visualization challenge program, and other activities. This structure provides an opportunity for decision-makers and organizations to access graduates who are skilled with relevant geospatial data management and open-source tool skills, who can create data, as well as generate solutions for urban challenges.

For more information about the visualization challenge, visit here.

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